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"Every trainer needs a hardworking, dependable team of staff and I’m very lucky to have that" - Tim Martin

The staff at Tim Martin Racing really are central figures of our success. They work tirelessly to ensure your animals are in the best possible condition to compete to their best ability on race day.

Although the super stars of the stable are normally the horses we have a number of stars in their own right and here they are:

Yusuke Ichikawa (Ichi)

Ichi, over the past 5 years has been an integral part of Tim Martin Racing. He has won races in the blue green and white colours on a number of occasions and is a a solid and fearless work rider.

Ichi learnt his trade in Japan and moved to Australia to ride and he is a valued member of our team.

Keep an eye for Ichi in Tims' colours on race day because when Tim puts Ichi on board he will be in the mix.

Ravinder Aulakh - our Dedicated Foreman

Not too many stables are as fortunate as we are to have a foreman like Ravinder. Come rain, hail or heat Ravinder is at Rosehill running the day to day stable with an efficient and effective manner.

Ravinder has a wealth of knowledge as he has his own horses in India and has worked for the great Denham Stable (with Jack and Allan) and has been with us now for nearly 5 years.

When you walk through the stable at Rosehill you will notice how organised it is, how well the horses look and how relaxed and calm they are and this is all managed under the guidance of Ravinder.

Mandeep Sarao

Having a wealth of horse experience, with and formally with the Moody stable (pictured with Black Caviar) we are delighted to have Mandeep on the team.

You'll see him leading their charges around at the races having been up very early to make sure the mundane tasks around the stable get completed.

Claire Nutman

Claire is our stable rider. She can be found at the stables at 4.15am every morning.

She is an dedicated individual and has been rewarded ridden 3 winner from 5 starts for Martin Racing.

Next time you see him at Races make sure you say hi.